The much awaited Alpha Test is just around the corner! You can now register to be part of the Alpha test and be a Pioneer of Mulland! Stay tuned for the official date in our future announcements. Kindly refer to the FAQ below for more details.
*How to Sign up?
Register via the link provided below. Make sure to enter all the required information!
-Sign up link-
*How are test participants selected?
The Mulland Council will randomly select some Dreamers to participate in Alpha test based on the information provided in the Early Takeoff website form, and will eventually send a test invitation to the selected Dreamers via email.
*Device Requirement for the Alpha Test?
Selected participants can use either Android and Apple devices with at least 5.59 GB of space available and with the following recommended specifications:
Android: Device with 3GB RAM or better (Must be Android 5.0 or higher)
Apple: IPhone 8 Plus or better (Must be IOS 10.0 or higher)
*When will the Alpha Test start?
The start of the Alpha Test will be announced at a later date. Follow our official social media pages and stay tuned for announcements and follow-up emails.
*Alpha Test Registration End Date:
July 18, 2022