Alpha Test is finally here! For a full guide on what you can do during the Alpha Testing phase, we’ve prepared an FAQ list for you. Check them out below:


  • How were the test participants selected?
    The Mulland Council were randomly select some Dreamers to participate in Alpha test based on the information provided in the Early Takeoff website form, and will eventually send a test invitation to the selected Dreamers via email.
  • Device Requirement for the Alpha Test?
    Selected participants should have an Android device with at least 5.59 GB of space available and with the following recommended specifications:
    Android: Device with 3GB RAM or better (Must be Android 5.0 or higher)
  • Can you Livestream the Game during the Alpha Test Period?
    Please do not release any recording or livestream to your friends and the public. PlayPark reserves the right to revoke any Alpha Pass account for any violation of the terms.
  • Can you Share Pictures of your gameplay and post your experience in your Social Media account/channel?
    You may share screenshots and experiences on your own social media and our own official FB page! We’re looking forward to hearing from your adventure!
  • Where can I report the bugs that I’ve encountered during the Alpha Test? 
    You can submit your bug reports here: https://bit.ly/DNWAlphaReports
  • What will happen to the account that I’ve used during the Alpha Test?
    Once the Alpha Test has concluded, you will no longer have access to the accounts provided and access to these accounts will be returned back to PlayPark.
  • When will the Alpha Test start and end?
    Alpha Test Period will start on July 21 @ 3PM GMT +8 and will end on July 24 @ 3PM GMT +8.
  • Recommended time to login during Alpha Test Period:
    Alpha testers are recommended to login on 7PM – 9PM during the alpha test period in order to receive and test special in-game prizes!