Playmall is a top-up platform for all Playpark games with different payment channels from each local country available.

How to top-up in Dream of a New World using Playmall?

Step 1: Go to
– Click “ALLOW ALL”

Step 2: Click the Dream of a New World

Step 3: Enter your PlayID account or Google ID / Facebook ID

Step 4: Select your SERVER
Step 5: Enter your character ID where you want the diamonds to be sent

To get your character ID, click your character icon and check on the left side of your screen.


If you do not have any wallet points to purchase diamonds follow this step 5.
If you have wallet points, Proceed to Step 6

Step 5: Cash-In to Playmall Wallet
Click Topup

Select Payment Channel to topup your wallet

Once done, the cash in to your playmall wallet will reflect on the right side. Then you can proceed toΒ 

Step 6: Buy diamonds for your account
Select the diamond packages you wanted to buy


Confirmation Receipt

You can also check history of purchase

Step 7: Open Dream of a New World
Check your diamonds


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