Dreamers, know more about your favorite classes!


Here is the MIRTHWRIGHT!
They are passionate maestros that come from the SEASHELL ARCHIPELAGO.
Exquisitely made horns that have the power to control other people’s strength. Has overpowering crowd control abilities can bring a great sense of safety to the party, a must-have in every party.




Here is the STARLITE!
They are noble spellcasters that originate from the ATLAN EMPIRE.
Handsome and beautiful exterior, coupled with their noble birthright. They have unmatched spellcasting abilities, hell-raising levels of area of attack damage, making enemies quiver under the might of their spells.


Here is the SHADOW DANCER! 
They are warriors that hail from AGARTHA.
Solitary and silent, they have godly blade skills buried deep inside their hearts. A sharp Tachi accompanies a Shadow Dancer for the rest of their lives, and this blade can cut down all the evil in this world. Strong single-target physical burst damage combined with good area-of-effect attacks.



Here is the WINDRIDER!
They are warriors that come from the GOLD NATION.
With their enchanting outward appearance, the aether energy from the divine tree flows deep within them. They are experts at the boomerang, which can vanquish evil in an instant. They have the ability to burst down enemies with their area-of-effect attacks and single-target attacks.



Here is the ORACLE! 
They are wise scholars that come from the RIMELOCK VALLEY.
Their heavy shield hammers can form a sturdy line of defense, and along with their thick defensive power and great healing ability, they can fight on for prolonged periods. With a good Oracle as a teammate, they can bring a sense of security to the party.


They are agile marksmen that stem from MAHAYA.
Their cute and gentle exterior hides a mysterious strength. They have marksmanship that is lethal, can knock an enemy out in an instant, and have an overpowering magical area of effect ability and single target burst damage.