Combat power in essence is merely a metric. A point system that tells you if you’ve improved your character or not.

Let’s talk about the ways to obtain it. To make this short and digestible, here’s a list of systems that can boost your combat power, categorized by their weight or impact.

Category A consists of Equipment, which is an absolute need. Skills such as this not only increase the level but your stats as well and Sprites as they provide you stats and additional skills.

Category A:

Category B is composed of Partners, your base allocated character stats per level, good fashion, your adorable pets and mounts, and your soulwing.

Category B:

  • Partners (Watch:
  • Base Character Stats
  • Fashion
  • Mounts and Pets (Nurture and Evolution) 
  • Soulwing 
  • Homestead (Level and Aesthetic)

Last but not least, the minor upgrades from Astrology and Titles for that little oomph.

Category C:

  • Astrology
  • Titles

In conclusion, obtaining combat power is essential, but we must be smart with our resources and where to allocate them. With the categories provided, it’s safe to say that you are now more knowledgeable on how to move forward, Dreamers!