Dreamers, here is the list of daily activities that you could do to easily reach level 50! 

Finish all the daily quest
– Check the right side of your screen
– Click the first quest lineup, then proceed to the next one after finishing the first quest.

Aether Purification
– Go to “Event” then “Challenge”
– Choose Aether Purification then click “participate”
– A party of 2-5 can join

Calais Academy
– Go to “Event” then “Challenge”
– Choose Calais Academy then click “participate”
– Answer all the questions that will pop on your screen, each correct answer corresponds with silver coin rewards and EXP.

Bounty Quest
– You can obtain 5 Bounty quests daily, select which bounty you prefer from the Bounty Altar. The Higher the Star the more difficult the quest can be. This is a solo quest so be sure to choose the difficulty wisely.  Rewards can be Silver, High-Lvl Pet skill book, Pet Mount Shard, EXP.

Gladiatorial Stage
– Go to “Event” then “Challenge”
– Choose Gladiatorial Stage then click “participate”
– Battle against other players and climb up the rankings, the higher the rank tier the better the rewards. Rewards can be Gold, Sincere Engravings, High-Lvl Treasure Map, Aether Elements. You can also obtain Gladiator Points which you can use to exchange for items.

Adventure Alliance
– Go to “Event” then “Challenge”
– Choose Adventure Alliance then click “participate”
– Test your Character Power and challenge the Adventure Alliance, there are different level enemies in this event.
You can only battle it solo with your Partners and Pet. Regardless of failed attempts, you can always try and challenge it unlimited times. Progress will reset every week. Rewards can be Silver, Mount ticket, Pet Mount Shard, and EXP.

Vast Seas Trade Route
– Go to “Event” then “Challenge”
– Choose Vast Seas Trade Route then click “participate”
– Trade various items across the Mu continent and receive a High-Lvl Battle Stance Engraving that can be used to upgrade Battle Stances for that extra attributes.

Sun’s Power (Level 50)
– Go to “Event” then “Challenge”
– Choose Sun’s Power ( then click “participate”
– Form a party
– Enter

Egg Hunt Event
– Collect the Great Dragon Egg scattered across the continents of Mulland to obtain a permanent Profile picture frame, 500 bound diamonds, and a 6-skilled Velociraptor Egg

Seashell Bay



Gold Nation

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