Dreamers, did you know that Dream of a New World has an upcoming New Class?
We Will also give away awesome prizes to all the streamers who will join our Dream Streamer Quest! Are you interested to grab some Bound Diamonds, Equipment Crest, Unique Divine Beasts Shards, Supreme Partner Shards Box and more? Check the mechanics below.

Interested Streamers have to submit their registration HERE.
Submission of entries will be open during the event period.

1. Create a new account and a new character (Must use the Tempesteer character throughout the event period)
Note: Must create a Tempesteer Chacater on your existing server.
2. New Players may join the event
3 Conduct your Dream of a New World Livestream on your Streaming Facebook Page.
4. Use the provided Stream Layout
5. Strictly One Person, one Page/Channel
(using multiple entries disqualifies a participant)
5. Your Character Name must be shown on the stream.
Set your Livestream title to [PlayPark Dream of a New World Day#]
Include this caption and hashtags in the Stream description box.

Let’s see how Tempesteer distorts the balance. Download @DreamofaNewWorld now!
#DreamofaNewWorld #DNW #Tempesteer

Entries will be based on the live stream date.
Stream any time from November 24- December 1, 2022, for at least 1 hour per day.
Must have an average of 50 views.
The Livestream should contain gameplay with a camera (in-person or virtual avatar), strictly with commentary if you use a virtual avatar.
Voice Changer user.
Voice Changer with Virtual Avatar NOT ALLOWED
Voice Changer with In-person stream ALLOWED
Using voice changer as a reaction to viewers ALLOWED
Only one Livestream per day will count towards the Livestream goals.
You can continue your Livestream if it is interrupted/disconnected within the same day.
Old videos reposted or replayed will not be considered.
(All entries must be original and made only for this event).
The GM Team’s decision is final.


5pcs Divine Beast Element
7Days Inconstancy Soulwing

7 Days Valiant College Fashion Set
7 Days Inconstancy Soulwing

5 pcs Divine Beast Element
7 Days VIP
7 Days Valiant College Fashion Set
7 Days Pure Feather Headdress
7 Days Inconstancy Soulwing
5 Unique Divine Beasts of Choice (Shard)
10 Partner Shards of Choice
50 High-Level Battle Stance
1 Weapon Crest
5,000 Bound Diamonds

We reserve the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Note: Additional mechanics will be discussed by CM Luna by reaching out on your personal Facebook account.

✅ Download Link: https://bit.ly/3RlFdEB
✅ Submit your concerns at https://bit.ly/DNWESupport