Clan Chiefs, recruit a returning player on your clan and get a reward!


The event will run from November 24- December 1, 2022.
– Recruited returnee player must fill up the form 
– Player must be inactive for a minimum of 7 days
– Must use the “Returnee Players” Badge throughout the event period
– Must not apply to other clans during the event period.
– If the player already signed up and joined the clan and then moved to another clan right before the event ends, the final counting of recruited members will be based on the last day. But the player must fill up the form again with updated details. 

Recruit an accumulated number of returnee players and get all the rewards. 

  • 30 returnees – 20pcs Mount Ticket (Selection)
  • 50 returnees – 5pcs Pet Equipment Bags (High-Lvl Weapon and Armor) 
  • 100 returnees – 1pc Permanent Fashion (Lulu Wishing Station Fashion)
  • 150 returnees – 3 pcs Limited Edition DNW Jacket per Clan & 5 selected members that will get 1 Pet Equipment Bag (High-Lvl Weapon and Armor)

Special Rewards to all the Clan Chiefs who invited a minimum of 150 returnee players.

10 Partner Shards of Choice
10 Divine Beast Element
10 Aether Mount Shards Random Bag
1 Equipment Crest

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