The Tempesteer Arrives!


Bringing the Balance of Power back to Mulland: The Tempesteer’s mission

The Tempesteers are a race of Immortal race that serves as the messenger of gods and the protector of Balance in Mulland. For centuries, the Tempesteer’s lived peacefully doing their usual activities such as cultivation, farming and meditating in the Floating Isles beyond the River of Resurging Clouds. But recently with the influx of the new adventurers coming into the world of Mulland to make a name for themselves and to experience their grandest adventure. So did the monsters and evil beings fueled by ether that preys on new adventurers. A large number of adventurers who 1st came to Mulland was never seen again. Their friends and witnesses shared their experiences and how these monsters kidnapped and made the new adventurers disappear.

Seeing the dangers these monsters bring and the potential disruption of the Balance of Power due to the high amount of New Adventurers in Mulland, the Tempesteers decided to intervene and aid the new adventurers. Making sure that no ether fueled monster will keep them from their adventures and keeping their main mission: To protect the balance of power in Mulland.


Harness the power of the Spirit Sword

Using their mysterious Spirit Sword, the Tempesteers launch both melee and mid ranged attacks. Their Magic burst DPS attacks makes them a strong team member. They can easily penetrate and damage enemies with high physical damage armor. They can also launch fast DPS attacks that can rival the Shadowdancer, making them one of the fastest and strongest burst damage dealer in the game.

Tempesteers are extremely valuable during team battles. When partnered with magic users (Starlite, Oracle) the Tempesteer can weaken enemies and make them vulnerable to magic type attacks. Giving your other teammates an opening to unleash their ultimate magic attacks. If you prefer a quick battle, you can have a Shadowdancer team and unleash a quick burst of both Physical and Magical damage to your enemies during the opening turn of the battle. Surely your opponent will not love to see their remaining health bar gauge after you’ve completed your turn.


Tempesteer Skills:

Horizon Merge Description

Horizon Merge –¬†Target 1 enemy and 1 ally. Transfer all buffs from the targeted enemy to your targeted ally. Ally target gains bonus cloaked status if you have a level of Sword intent.

Heart of Winter Description

Heart of Winter – Gain extra attack when the weather is snowing. Damages all target units in the target’s column and the column on the target’s sides.

Snowtrace Description

Snowtrace – Summon 4 qi swords to attack 4 targets. Consume 1 level of sword intent to gain 1 extra qi sword.

Bleakwind Description

Bleakwind – Deals twice your Magic damage to a single target. Drains your 20% HP and 5% MP of the damage you’ve inflicted to gain 1 level of sword intent.

Autumn's End Description

Autumn’s End – Attacks a single target 5 times. Consumes all your swrod intent level. Deals 10% more damage for each sword intent consumed. You will be weakened for 2 turns after casting this skill.

Frostfall Description

Frostfall – Attack 2 target enemy units and gain 1 level of sword intent.


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