Dreamers, it’s now time to gear up as another function has unlocked!

Mirage Arts (SUB)

The Mirage Arts feature is unlocked when you reach level 70, you can obtain additional attributes and passive skills in Mirage Arts.

Mirage Equipment

– When Wearing Equipment with Lvl 70 and above, you can wear Mirage Equipment. It is a sub equipment on what you’re currently wearing. Attributes and passive skills from the sub-equipment are applied when equipped.


– The level of Mirage Equipment must not be higher than the level of the current main equipment. -10 Minimum Lvl is required. (Ex. If I’m wearing level 80 equipment, my sub-equipment must be Level 70 or below. You cannot equip items with the same level or higher than your current main equipment)

– Enhancement level must be 0 to equip Mirage Arts Sub equipment

– Equipment must be Level 60 or above to equip it in Sub. (Cannot equip to level Level 50 or below)

– Can equip any item grade in the Sub Equipment (Blue, Purple, Orange)

* When you first equip sub-equipment, all Attributes, Effects, and Passive Skills are inactive. As the Sub-equipments levels up, the Attributes will gradually take effect.

* When the Mirage Gear part reaches Phase 7, you can choose to activate the 1 Mirage Equipment effect.

* When the Mirage Gear part reaches Phase 10, basic attributes of the Mirage Equipment will be 100% active

* When the Mirage Gear part reaches Phase 11, a maximum of 6 additional attributes of the Mirage Equipment will be activated.

* When the Mirage Gear part reaches Phase 12, all of the Mirage Equipment effects will be active (For effects with the same type, the one with the highest level will be activated.)

Mirage Phase

* After unlocking a Mirage Gear part, you can upgrade that part which permanently increases the characters’ attributes.

* You can phase up a Mirage Gear part after leveling up 10 times. If all Mirage Gear parts reach a certain phase, you will unlock a set bonus.

* Primary-Lvl Alloy, Intermediate-Lvl Alloy, and High-Lvl Alloy are required to unlock or phase up the Mirage Gears.

* Upgrading Mirage Gear parts need a piece of equipment to Devour. Requirements for Sub-Equipment to be devoured:

– Orange Grade Equipment

– Lvl 70 or Above Equipments

– Same body part as Mirage Gear

– Enhancement Level must be 0

* There is no chance of “failing” in devouring an item, but the devoured item will not be returned¬†

* Orange equipment of different levels will provide different amounts of EXP. Equipment with special effects will provide additional EXP.

* If EXP overflows, it will be credited to the next level.


You can unlock and change the appearance of your weapon when you upgrade the Mirage Gear Weapon.

Sub Equipment

You can view or quickly equip/unequipped Sub equipment in your Bag.

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